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    bsscftp.txt slowing down publishing


      I am using RH7 HTML for a very large project (over 4500 pages).  We generally publish 3 to 5 times a week, depending on the number of updates that have been added.  Lately (within the past 6 months or so), the time it take to publish has increased from 45 minutes to an hour up to 2 or more hours.  If I was not the last person to publish, it can take up to 4 hours.  I noticed yesterday that it seems to be getting hung up on the bsscftp.txt.  I can see that rate per minute going steadily down, which means that it's not really doing anything.  Then after a while, it kicks back in and completes.  If I only have a few pages that were updated, this is not a huge issue, but when I wasn't the last person to publish and the project publishes every single page, publishing becomes an all day event. 


      We are publishing to a file server and have the project on source control.  Only one other person has access to the project.  She publishes only rarely because of the time involved.  Is there anything to do to speed this up or bypass the bsscftp.txt?


      Thanks to anyone who has any answers!