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    Putting my Flash swf on a DVD


      Hello! I'm pretty new to Flash and I'm hoping someone can offer a little advice to help my first major project go well.


      I'm making a presentation in Flash that needs to be put on a DVD, which we will given to people in my organization to view at home. The presentation will not contain any interactivity. It will have text, music, video, and narration.


      The videos will be short and contain sound, should I embed them in the fla file?

      I planned to break the presentation into scenes to make it easier to manage, and so they'll just play one after another. Good idea?

      My computer can burn DVDs, so I was just going to export the swf to DVDS. Any tips?


      Thanks so much! I'm still learning Flash and I appreciate any help to get me going in the right direction!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your best bet will be to start with a small scale version of what you plan to do and take that thru completion so that you have time to iron out any rough spots.  You might even want to get a volunteer or two to help you with testing the trial effort so that you might discover pitfalls of using other machines than your own to play it thru.


          Personally, I recommend against using scenes if you plan to have navigation incorporated into the design.  Scenes and navigation more often than not do not gel.  Just create your sections as separate movieclips and/or spread them along one scene's timeline (that's what happens when you publish scenes anyways).

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            elizdc Level 1

            Thanks for your response. I'm working on a test version now that I was going to put on a DVD and bring home to play on my tv there.


            My inexperience is about to come out here... What do you mean 'navigation?' I don't have experience using movie clips, so I'm not sure what you mean... I'll research that and see if I can do it.