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    Can i get NetAverages with my company's Sitecatalyst license?


      Currently there appears to be no connection between licensing for SiteCatalyst itself and access the SiteCatalyst NetAverages tool via CS Live.


      According to Adobe's CS Live FAQs:

      • "For-purchase subscriptions are not available at this time; however, Adobe may offer them by the end of the complimentary period."
      • "By the end of your complimentary period, Adobe may offer for-purchase subscriptions. Final pricing of for-purchase subscriptions is to be determined, but is currently estimated at US$19.99–$29.99 per month or US$199–$299 per year"

      but it seems this should be available if one is using SiteCatalyst. It seems logical to include this with SC, which is a much more expensive product.


      Are there any plans to offer NetAverages with a SiteCatalyst license?


      Or does our SiteCatalyst software provide this data somewhere and I haven't discovered yet?