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    Authorization problem, plz help me!


      Originally when I got my kobo i set it up with my email, and things were working fine. We had to change email providers and I have successfully managed to change the account info on the kobo to match the library, but the ADE refuses to change. I have even gone to the extent to remove EVERY Adobe program and reinstall with the new Adobe ID I created, yet ADE still reverts back to the old email.... help me please, I really want to read my library books but it won't let me until this is resolved!

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          I am having a very similar issue. I changed my Barnes and Noble log in acct email address and now I cannot move my NookBooks into Digital Editions! I have uninstalled everything imaginable Adobe, and I have deauthorized and re-authorized with my new email and still it keeps picking up my other books that I already had in there and is not allowing me to move anything from B&N in there. Keeps telling me it's authorized for a different user.


          And don't even bother asking for Adobe for help. Unless you want to pay $39.99 for a phone call!!


          Does ANYONE out there know how to fix this????

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            Jim Lester Level 4

            ADE does not yet support viewing content purchased from B&N.