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    Dynamic 'organogram'


      Hi all


      I am dipping my feet into flex and was looking at work for a project that I could work on that could add value while I learn.


      I have large sets of data, that are hierarchal in nature. Think of an Interactive Voice Response system. You enter at the top and can make some selections. The second level has as many placeholders as there are options you can choose. The option you choose may have many child options and so forth.


      Business often want a real time view of what is going on, so I want to dynamically generate a graphical representation of the IVR as customers traverse it, incrementing counters in the blocks for subsequent callers. I hope that makes sense - I can only describe it better as looking like an organogram, except that I want to build it dynamically so that if anyone were to change the design of the IVR, my application would simply accommodate the new layout.


      What would be the best way to render something like this in flex? Draw the rectangles using Actionscript or am I maybe missing some nice library / component that can do something like this for me already?