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    Multiple Ken Burns Effect in Same Image - Roto Brush?

      In short, I’ve been trying to find a way to make different images within a still picture move at a different rate. What I might have done in the past is if I had a wedding shot of a couple walking out of the church, I might want to apply the Ken Burns effect (for lack of a better term) and have the “camera” pan out on the shot.


      What I’d like to do instead is to scan the couple, separate them from the overall picture in another layer, and maybe have them appear to come closer as the rest of the church fades back – essentially two different Ken Burns effects on two different images from the same picture.


      Another example might be to slightly move just one image from right to left while keeping the entire picture static. I’ve seen this type of effect in commercials, and I really like it.


      In research, it appears that After Effects CS5 has a roto brush that can possibly do this (at least it can separate images). I’m making an assumption that one would use this tool to do what I want to do as mentioned above. I’d love to have AF CS5 – but for the two to four times I use it a year, I can’t justify the price.


      My questions:


      1) Is there a term for this technique?


      2) Are there tools/apps that are not overly expensive that could facilitate the same process?


      3) Are there tutorials that could assist me in doing this?


      I have both a PC and a Mac. I have thought of ways of doing this manually, but none are efficient. Surely someone has the answers!


      Thanks in advance.