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    Most topics missing from Contents/Index when I compile for HTMLHelp

    pgcalc Level 1
      I write and maintain two Help systems using RoboHelp. One compiles fine for WinHelp 4, HTML Help, or WebHelp. When I compile the other system, however, I get all topics only when I compile for WinHelp 4. If I compile for HTML Help or WebHelp, most topics are missing. The only topics that appear are glossary topics and links to my company's web site. The one distinction I can make between the two systems in terms of features, not content, is that the one with problems compiling uses a "See Also" button in all the topics that aren't appearing (the glossary topics and web links don't include a "See Also" button). The system without any troubles compiling doesn't use a "See Also" button at all.

      I will be eternally grateful for suggestions on how to resolve this issue!

        • 1. Most topics missing from Contents/Index when I compile for HTMLHelp
          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi again pgcalc

          Lemme guess, you are using RoboHelp for Word? (I say that because you mention creating a WinHelp file too.)

          If so, hopefully others here that are well versed in this particular "RoboFlavor" will step up to offer insights. Personally, I moved away from it about 7 years ago in favor of RoboHelp HTML.

          Just an edumacated guess here, but I would consider the See Also thing to be a bit of a red herring. By chance do you have any build tags/build expressions in the mix? That's normally the first place I'd be looking. But then again, I'd be looking at RoboHelp HTML.

          Cheers and good luck in resolving things... Rick