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    Site tells me Adobe Reader is not installed when it is.


      We're experiencing the following issue:


      We attempt to go to various web sites (we work in insurance, so have a number of company sites that use PDF documents in the page).  Initially, we went through a series of calls to these companies and were told to "check the 'display pdf in browser' option".  Doing so fixed the issue for some, but others continue to present a message that reads: "You do not have Adobe Reader installed which is required to use our site.  Download it here..."  We do have it installed and it is in use for other web sites.


      This affects multiple Windows XP systems in a domain where a group policy is in place preventing user access to edit the HKLM portion of the registry.  This affects both users of our Citrix TS environment and local PC users.


      We suspect it has some conflict with the group policy and I'm curious if others have seen this situation.