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    Problems downloading Adobe Reader to Firefox


      The problem is that the I cannot locate an Adobe Reader file that I can download into a folder on my computer.  All of the downloads indicate that they will download and install on my computer automatically.  If they did, then when the computer was restarted, the Adobe Reader probram would no longer reside on my computer.  It would have been deleted by a program installed to do just that, unless it was disabled to allow for and install.  This program is a major part of my protection from all the unwanted files I seem collect while using the inernet.

      What I need is an Adobe Reader file that I can download into a specified folder, then searched for for fuzzy coding.  Then I would disconnect from the internet, disable my protection program and install the program.  Then reactivate the protection, and use the program from then on.

      Question is where can I download a file directly into a folder without it automatically executing.

      Downloading any file without my protection activated, will never happen.


      Thanks in advance




      Note: Adobe website seems to loop back on itself when checking for problems with Adobe Reader downloads.