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    Math ALT Codes in RichTextEditor


      I have been using the RichTextEditor and Spanish symbols all seem to work just fine out of the box, like ALT+168 for the upside down ? etc. However, I'm having issues with several math symbols.  Is there a way to enable these alt codes in the RTE somehow?


      A few of the symbols I need are:


      ALT+232 for the Greek Symbol Phi

      ALT+233 for the Greek Symbol Theta

      ALT+236 for the Infinity Symbol

      ALT+242 for Greater than or Equal to Symbol

      ALT+243 for Less than or Equal to Symbol.



      Anyone out there had any experience with this or have any ideas on how to implement these shortcuts within the RTE?





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          drkstr_1 Level 4

          You can use the HTML character code.




          for example:


          <s:Label text="Copyright &#169" />
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            BK_POHS Level 1

            Not really the solution I need.  What I'm looking for is basically the same usability you would get from any

            text editor, where a user can be typing/writing out something then whenever they need a special character, just hit ALT+#### and it

            will insert the correct symbol.  Asking users to somehow throw in HTML text won't work b/c most of our user base doesn't know HTML.



            Thanks though 

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              drkstr_1 Level 4

              Have you confirmed if the issue is a character encoding issue, or an issue with the short cut keys?


              If the character can be displayed, you can always listen for the key presses and insert the character when a matching combo is entered.

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                BK_POHS Level 1

                Its not an encoding issue, because any of these symbols can be cut and pasted in from word and they all display perfectly fine.


                I figured we could do listeners in the worst case scenario but I figured I'd hit the forums first, because there are certain ranges that do work w/ the ALT codes, such as Spanish characters.  In my mind I guess I thought if some ALT codes work, maybe there's a way to make others work as well.  So I thought I'd see if someone out there knew how to work some of that magic.  I know there are a bunch of knowledgeable people on these forums, as well as Adobe Employees that frequent so I was hoping for some good luck I suppose 


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