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    Switching from Flash to Flash Catalyst/Flex



      For the last few years I have been developing applications for project reporting. To explain this in simplest terms, my clients give me hundreds of reports and supporting documents, graphics, videos, etc. which I then condense and reorganize into a presentation/application in Flash. The project is then published as an .exe to be burned to CD ROM or DVD along with any supporting files and is then distributed to project stake holders, investors, etc.


      I'm considering the possibility of a switch from Flash to Flash Catalyst/Flex and want to outline what my needs are, here in the forum, in hopes that others now using Catalyst/Flex can help me decide if this is an appropriate move.


      Features needed:

      1. Basic animation, transitions, etc.

      2. Full Navigation (up to 3 levels) for up to 300 slides.

      3. Keyboard navigation (PageUp/PageDown) to navigate sequentially through the entire presentation.

      4. Linking into other applications and documents - Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.

      5. Full Screen Mode

      6. Slide Show Mode

      7. Search Features

      8. Slide sharing (via email)

      9. Video and audio w/controls

      10. Pan and Zoom w/controls (panning and zooming of graphics and .swf files)

      11. Scrolling (scrolling of text, graphics and .swf files)

      12. Interactive forms



      Can anyone please comment specifically on these features and wether or not they are possible using Catalyst and/or Catalyst/Flex in combination.


      Thank you all for any insight or suggestions.




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          drkstr_1 Level 4

          With the exception of making fre-form animations (like a cartoon for example), everything you can do in Flash can be done in Flex considerably faster.


          The downside is that Flex applications (especially ones designed in Catalyst) are generally larger, and consume more memory. Personally, I never publish anything made in Catalyst without optimizing it in Flash Builder first.


          If the drop in operating performance isn't a deal breaker (most of the time you can't even notice it), then I would certainly consider moving to Flex going forward on new projects.