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    Remote Rollover?

    Creephead Level 1

      Ok, that's what I know it as.


      As an almost complete noob to all this, how does FC approach this action? Say I want to have a shape appear when I mouseover a link, then disappear when I mouseout. I'm assuming this is something I do with the timeline but so far I haven't found a tutorial that describes this.



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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          To do that you can use the Interactions Panel, located on the right side if the application. But first, select your link, and convert it into a button using the Heads Up Display. You need to do this since text can not have interactions attached to it. Now with the newly created button, you can add a On RollOver interaction, and an On RollOut interaction. The next step is to create action sequence for each interaction, for that you would use the timeline panel.


          I created a small sample file for you to look at.



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            Creephead Level 1

            Thanks, Chris. This is helpful. Let me play with it for a bit before I fire back any more questions.


            Much appreciated.

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              Creephead Level 1

              Sorry for the delay.


              Took me awhile to figure it out, but I think I got it. Was getting hung up on the opacity of the remote object. I built a new test document and it seems to work fine. Thx.


              I've noticed the forum here is very ... quiet. Do you know of any other FC forums where there's more activity?