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    variable scope


      I am new to oops concept.I have one problem....

      // this is my code .....

      class KnightsMove {
      public var currI:Number = 9;


      private function eventOnRelease() {

      objName.onRelease = function() {



      I have one public variable(currI) if i try to trace it in other private function(eventOnRelease)
      it traces "undefined"

      Thank you,
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          Pop_Clingwrap Level 1
          the problem is that when you use 'onRelease' the susequent code excecutes from within the object of the onRelease. I have got round this in the past by giving the object a reference to the class beforehand:

          class MyClass{
          public var myVar:Number = 10;

          myClip.classScope = this;
          myClip.onRelease = function(){

          This may not be the best or only way to solve this problem but I am fairly new to the OOP thing as well.
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            ShanthiFlash Level 1
            Hi Pop Clingwrap,

            Thank you for the solution..... it works well.....but still i am not clear whats happening....
            any way thanks again........