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    How to  fit text  around a planet


      hi all

      i just create a nice planet and now im trying to make my text fit around the planet not just like a circle but

      like a ring i try a lot of thing but dosent work nice  now can someone give me a trick or a link to a great tutorial to make my text fit nice around a sphere planet

        sorry for my bad anglish im french

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          If this is what you are trying to do, follow the steps below.


          - Draw an elipse for your planet

          - Draw a second, flattened ellipse to create a ring that will appear to circle the planet.

          - Type the text you want to have circle the planet

          - Press Shift and select the ring ellipse and the text, and then from the main menu bar, choose Text > Attach to Path.

          - From the main menu bar choose Text > Orientation > Skew Vertical

          - Adjust the text along the ellipse with the Kerning and Offset tools in the property panel until it looks the way you want

          - Use the knife tool to slice the planet in half horizontally

          - In the Layers panel, move the bottom half of the sliced planet shape above the text object