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    H.264 Is Vibrating (when rendered from another type of MP4)

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      Hi everyone


      When I render a video using H.264 from an MP4 video, the video for some reason vibrates up and down rapidly. See attached.


      Ive played with all the settings I could find but to no avail. If you watch the video you'll notice it's shaking up and down very rapidly



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          Sjokomelk Level 2

          Last time I saw something like this was when I had my Sat tuner set to 1080i60 and the tv programs were broadcasted at 1080i50. Changed the sat tuner to 1080i50 and it disappeared.


          Basically I believe you need to check that the project settings and the export settings has the same fields and framerate. Since you seem to be having footage from Starcraft, you probably use a screengrabber of sorts (Fraps or the like) and all the videos made in those programs should be progressive (as it doesn't make sense to make those interlaced).

          What the difference between progressive and interlaced (upper/lower field first) is you can check here:

          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premierepro/cs/using/WSD69D6B9C-1F89-4c85-BCB3-2C946E26246D.ht ml

          And I will even add this:



          Anyway make sure that the project setting you are using matches the framerate and field order as the footage and that your export in the end also matches the field order.


          I'm assuming you are using the program to make game videos, if that assumption is correct, then I cannot see any reason to use anything else than progressive as the viewers will watch the videos on computers.

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            First off thank you for that very informative advice.


            I do suspect the field order is to blame the problem Im facing is getting it workable. The program used to record this was no FRAPS but rather from a webstreaming service www.livestream.com of which the resultant files are MP4 with 15fps. I dont know what the codec is only the container


            I tried rendering it with lower field order and higher field order to no avail (still vibrates). After reading through your suggestion and the documents, I went to clip, modify footage, interpret footage, and then I set it to match the source feild order.


            Well the good news is when I rendered it, there was no shaking. The bad news is every 5 seconds of clip is 100mb!


            Would you have any advice on how to fine tune this process? We're close but there needs to be a way to get this clip smaller (and when I minimized everything I could, the file size got down to 11mb for 5 seconds, with 172x124 resolution and like 10fps).