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    Sound file freaking out


      Hi again folks,


      Sorry I've been posting so much these last few days.  Weird things are happening.


      I just bought a brand new iMac (intel 3.06 Ghz) and upgraded to AE CS5. 


      I'm working on a simple project that consists only of a sound file and a layer of video footage.  Whenever I choose a new section to a RAM preview of, no matter what section of the project I'm in, the sound file plays from the beginning... even though I'm actually somewhere in the middle.  


      I was working on this project all afternoon and it was doing fine until about an hour ago then suddenly, with no warning, the sound file starts going screwy on me.


      The only thing I've done in the project is make a few color changes using CC Toner to the video file and copied and pasted the layer a few times to make the scene longer.... and I also split the layer and removed the extra on the last copy of it.  That's it. 


      Any ideas?