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    No audio on edited mpeg


      I have a 500 meg mpeg file that unedited plays fine in Windows Media player etc.  When I bring it into PE9, and put it on the timeline, it plays fine.  As soon as I do any edits to it, no matter how simple, I totally lose sound.  I have read through a lot of posts here, and on Adobe's site, and I don't seem to find the answer anywhere.  I am totally new to doing edits to mpeg files, so I truly am confused and running blind.  I am not sure if its an mpeg1 or mpeg2 file.  PE9 just tells me mpeg and that its 720x480 29.97 frames, and 48000Hz.  Its being done on an i7 computer with 8 gig of ram, and nvidea with 1 gig, and current drivers. and Realtek sound.  Thanks for any help!