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    Clues about Roto brushing when selection jumps from object to entire frame

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      I'm a noob with rotobrush, but it seem pretty easy to use, having had a fair bit of experience with defunct `extract' filter for Photoshop.


      I'm seeing something I don't understand and that seems like it should not happen, given the sophistication of this tool


      I see the selection (a person) nicely selected for a number of frames then in the space of one frame the selection jumps from the person to  the border of the frame.


      The odd thing is, I don't see any real difference in the two frames.


      This is probably a real hard this to tackle for roto brush because the footage is terribly shaky.  Oddly though it does not seem to be the sharkyest sections where the jump occurs.   Its happening quite often probably something like once per second of footage and since this is NTSC footage, thats 1 out of 30 and sometimes more.


      I've posted screen grabs of a nicely selected frame, and the very next frame where the selection has jumped to the frame border.


      I know how to retrieve it and its done fairly quickly but still having this happen so often means getting the 17 second footage done is takine qute a bit of time.