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    Postscript file format issues!!

    Rakesh Rai



      What is the difference between Generating postscript files using "generatePrintedOutput" operation of Output ES2 service and "toPS" operation of ConvertPDF1.1 service.


      I have generated both formats and found a lot of differences between the content when compared as text files. It is beyond my knowledge to understand the instructions.


      I had to use "toPS" operation for generating a postscript file by merging multiple PDF documents which were generated by "generatePDFOutput" service.

      I had to avoid using the "generatePrintedOutput" because of my requirements to name PDF files and postscript files uniquely.

      but, there seems to be some problem to process the postscript files that were generated by "toPS" operation of ConvertPDF1.1 service.



      Please help!!





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          $$VIKS$$ Level 1



              I am not sure I understand your problem correctly.

              As far as generatePrintedOutput operation is concerned it creates outputs in various formats ( Print Formats) and one of the format is post script.

              Have you selected Print Format as Generic Postscript Level 3 ?


              I would advise you to use toPS2 rather than toPS and then change the Postscript to Language Level 3 under Convert PostScript Options section.


            Let me know if this works for you.




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            Rakesh Rai Level 1

            Hi Vikram


            Thanks for the reply.


            I will rephrase my question,


            I need an output of Postscript Language level 2 and i know we can do it either with "toPS2" service or "GeneratePrintedOuput " of output es2.


            I have a PDF that needs to be converted to postscript and hence i cannot use "generatePrintedOutput". When "toPS2" is used, it is missing "duplex/simplex" information.


            Do you know which xdc file is used by "toPS2" service so that i can include options?

            OR any other solution for including duplex/simplex information in an output generated by "toPS2" ??





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              $$VIKS$$ Level 1

              Hi Rakesh,


                 Now I understand it correctly, I don't think any of the available ouput/conversions services provide this feature.

                 I am not really sure which xdc file is used by toPS2 operation, I just had a quick look at available xdc files and I think following two files are specific to

                 Post script conversion ps_plain.xdc and ps_plain_level3.xdc but I am not really sure about it, you give it a try.

                 The other option that I could think of is to write some sort of custom java component which handles printing.





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                Rakesh Rai Level 1

                Thanks Vikram.


                ps_plain.xdc and ps_plain_level3.xdc are used by only by the "generatePrintedOutput" service. I think the xdc file used by "toPS2" is probably somwhere within the component and we may not be able to modify that.


                However, i have made my process to include "<</Duplex true>>setpagedevice " in the postscript files which is working now.


                Also, i will try using a custom java component to do this. Thanks for the suggestion!