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    Commands cause Fireworks 8 to freeze (with Batch Progress dialog)

    groove25 Level 4

      I've been having consistent trouble with Commands in Fireworks 8 (on Mac OS 10.4) causing the application to freeze. Has anyone else experienced this?


      Here's the scenario: I use custom keyboard shortcuts to trigger commands such as ‘Blend Mode - Forward’ or ‘Increase Brush Size’ in order to speed up my workflow. After executing several of these commands, I'll be doing something simple like using the Selection Tool or adjusting layer opacity, and the application will freeze. A Batch Progress dialog appears ("0 of 0 files processed. Batch conversion  complete."), but it is unresponsive. The only option is to Force Quit the application and to lose any unsaved changes.


      This happens quite frequently. It is not a problem with any particular command; it happens with _all_ commands.


      In trying to fix this bug, I discovered something interesting: Every time a command is executed in Fireworks 8, it generates an empty FireworksBatchLog.txt file within my User/Library/Application Support folder (the same folder where custom Keyboard Shortcuts and Library Symbols are stored). Normally, a Batch Log is written upon completion of a successful Batch Process, and it includes useful information about what files were processed and how. In this case, however, the Batch Log text file is empty.


      Now, this Batch Log might just be a symptom of the glitch, as opposed to the source itself, but it clearly connects with the Batch Progress dialog that appears once the application freezes. Apparently, when commands are executed rapidly via keyboard shortcuts, this empty Batch Log gets rewritten every single time, and a relatively innocuous problem compounds itself and causes the freeze.


      I reinstalled the software, but the bug persists. I've also filed a bug report with Adobe—but would they even consider _looking_ at a bug if the sofware version is this old? It seems odd that Fireworks 8 is the only version never to have received an update. And yet this bug seems very matter of fact. I'm quite surprised that I can't find any other references to it online...


      If anyone knows of a fix for this, or can replicate the bug in their version of Fireworks, please let me know.