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    Error 2503 & 2502 when trying to install Adobe Reader X


      I am currently running Adobe Reader 9.4.0 on a fully patched Windows 7 professional 32-bit machine. From the Adobe website I have tried to download and install Adobe Reader X with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Once the download is complete and installation appears to start I get two message boxes:


      Error 2503. Called RunScript when not marked in progress.


      Error 2502. Called InstallFinalize when no install in progress.


      Adobe Reader X is not installed and I am left with Adobe Reader 9.4.0.


      If I try to uninstall Adobe Reader 9.4.0 I get the same messages.


      Any suggestions?

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          magendo Level 1

          I've resolved the problem after looking at other posts about these errors. No one gave a definitive solution, but I got some ideas on where to look.


          The problem appears to be with the security permissions on the C:\Windows\Installer directory. This is a hidden system folder, so you may have to change your Windows Explorer view options to be able to see it (Organize > Folder and search options > View tab).


          For some reason the permissions had been altered and that caused a problem when an attempt was made to install or uninstall any software. I checked another Windows 7 machine and amended the permissions on the problem PC accordingly. The permissions required on the folder are as follows:


          • SYSTEM - Full Control
          • Administrators - Full Control
          • Everyone - Read and Execute
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            JainAkshat Level 1

            Yes, he was having some problem with his previous install

            Hence Reader X installation was unable to uninstall previous version and was failing.

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              Mandeep5062 Employee Moderator

              Change Permissions :


              To access the hidden C:\Windows\Installer directory you may need to change the default permissions.


              Use Explorer's option to see hidden files and folders (under Organize, Folder and Search options select the View tab and make sure the option Show Hidden files, folders, or drives is enabled.

              To change permissions for a file or folder, perform the following steps:

              1. In Explorer, right-click on the folder name or file name and select Properties.
              2. Click on the Security Tab.
              3. In the Groups or user names box, select the group that fits. For exampleAdministrators, or Users.
                solution1 screen
              4. Click on the Advanced button.
              5. Select the Group or Users who you wish to change the permissions. You may need to be an Administrator to make these changes.
                solution 2 screen
              6. Click on Edit button.
              7. Another almost identical screen appears with a few additional options (not shown). Click the Edit button again. Now you can actually make the changes necessary!
                solution 3 screen
              8. In the lower Permissions for SYSTEM box, change the permissions. For example, to provide full control, make sure a checkmark appears in the Allow column for Full Control and remove checkmarks in the Deny column if present.
              9. With the permissions set correctly, click on Ok .
              10. Within some folders (but not all) you'll get a warning message. Be sure to