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    Should I still recommend Flash CS3 or not?

      Target another frame from flash-navigation -
      has Adobe released some solution?
      Should I still recommend Flash or not?

      I still wonder if there is some customer friendly solution provided from
      adobe about how to handle Microsoft’s security in IE explorer 6 and 7?
      (onPress, onRelease..all the interactive events that Microsoft "cut with an axe" with
      a security patch in IE explorer 6 and 7)

      Right now there is no simple solution of how to target another
      frame from a frame in the same html-doc from a button in a flash navigation.
      Am I right or wrong?

      If Adobe want to sell the sell Flash program to the interactive industry,
      they should be interested of release a tutorial or similar of how normal user
      and customer can solve this problem.

      I hope there already exist something out there that could push me
      further when it comes to - if I should recommend Flash to all the students and my to my customers
      or not?

      Ps. Once a again - the problem is about when you targeting a another frame with this code - "get url (LoadExample.html,"contentFrame");" in the same html-doc.