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    MTS HD quality videos


      Im new to after effects and im totally confused.

      Ive recorded some HD footage and i imported it into my computer in .mts format.

      However, when I try to play is on VLC player, all these horizontal lines appear. (maybe something to do with interlaced frames?)

      Is it because my computer's graphics card isn't good?

      I am able to play youtube videos at 1080p quality.

      I tried converting the MTS to and AVI file but it still ends up with horizontal jagged lines on it.

      THis doesnt directly relate to after effects but it does affect my work in after effects. Thanks guys and girls.


      PS these are my computer specs:


      Windows XP 32 bit Service Pack 3

      AMD Athlon II X4 630

      1.75 GB Ram

      ATI Radeon HD 4200

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What does it look like when you import it into AE?

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            If you could post a screenshot of the problem, it would help.


            My first guess is that this is related to fields and interlacing. See this video for tips on dealing with fields and interlacing, and see this page for more details.

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              Sean Saratoga

              Your computer specs may be to blame.  Mts, being so new, didn't play well until I was on W7, with some computing power.

              VLC doesn't like .mts files on my computer.  But Windows

              Media Player plays them perfectly, however I'm running W7 and the latest WMP.

              I've found only WMP can really play them well.  Anything lossless and the file will be too big to play well on VLC.

              Converting down to mp4, etc. will allow you to see watch them, though at the quality cost.  But AE and PPro CS5 handle them very well natively, as well as the lossless converts, for editing.  The 1080 Youtube videos you are watching are probably all mp4s. And that would be one of the better formats if you plan to upload to the web anyway.

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                Parkparkpark Level 1

                Thanks for all the replies.

                Unfortunately im running XP which only has WMP 11, which doesnt support mts files.

                However I tried converting it to a mp4 file and it now works perfectly on AE.