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    Flex Questions

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      picnik.com is a browser based image manipulation tool which is really nice. I need something similar for an app I am working on but know nothing about Flex. I read this was built in Flex but that Flash is doing most of the work, can anyone explain what part exactly Flex is handling and what part Flash is handling.

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          Flex simply gives someone the ability to design a user interface with data calls to a server without refreshing the entire application like php. Once the code is complete, Flex builder compiles all of the code into a flash swf file with some javascript files for handling the data calls. So to answer your question. It was ALL written in Flex...and the entire application(everything you see after it "fluffs the clouds") is flash... if you upload files to the server, or store any data inside the application (such as your login) the javascript is calling the server side language (whatever it is ie: coldfusion, php) and storing it into some kind of media.

          I can't honestly tell you that it was ALL written in Flex... it very well could have some components embedded into it that were created in Flash. Flex offers the ability to insert a Flash component.
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            Thanks for your reply ... Doesn't Flash do the same thing?
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              yes it can... with a lot more code... the use of mxml allows a quick user interface to be developed.... flex also gets rid of the timeline... and "replaces" it with effects... actually...replace isn't a good word... substitutes is better... it's pretty much a programming environment for flash without timeline and frames....
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                I get the picture now, think I will look it a little more into flex