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    Serial tethering via plugin




      I would like to write a plug-in for LR, that has access to the tether function of LR3.3.

      I  would like to shoot serial photos from LR automated in that way that  every second or so the plug-in calls the tether function to shoot a picture until a certain number of picture are reached.

      I read the API descriptions of LR SDK, but could not find an appropriate function.

      Is there a way to do it?


      Any help is appreciated.


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          areohbee Level 6

          The SDK does not provide support for tethering.


          I'm not sure what might be possible by "thinking outside the box".

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            We are looking for a developer who is familliar with developing a plugin for Lightroom 3.
            We know the SDK & API for Lightroom is a bit unique, and we want to work with someone who either has developed for Lightroom already, or someone very familiar with the process.


            We would like a plug in for Lightroom 3 that creates web photo galleries.  We are not looking for something too difficult!  In fact, many plugins already exist, but none do exactly what we need.  So, we need a custom one designed for us.


            The plug in should look like and work like the photo gallery plug ins already available for Lightroom, such as the standard HTML web galleries Lightroom 3 has standard, as well as the Airtight Simpleviewer plugin.  Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages.  But both are fairly flexible in what they offer, and the user can make galleries that look and behave in many ways.


            Our plug in needs to avoid flash all together.  We like J Query code such as this one:


            The galleries should have a download option that lets the viewer download a low res, med res, or high res file.


            The galleries need a search field where users can search for key words or metadata.


            This is the basic idea.  We would like to develop this project right away.  Please contact us.


            Thank you,
            Mark Tomaras


            mark (at) luminositycreative (dot) com
            +1 305 775 3020


            shelby (at) luminositycreative (dot) com
            +1 561 441 2679