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    SVN and bin-debug

    Fredrick Backer Level 1

      By default when connecting a project to an SVN Repository the Flex/Flash Builder ignore the build folder (default bin-debug).

      Is there a way to override so that the folder (bin-debug) gets commited to SVN?


      The problem lies here, When developing with a wide team of developers, art directors, copywriters, game designers, level designer e.g. Everyone is dependent on the deploy directory because everyone changes files here (copywriter in copy xml, game/level designer in settings xml, art directors in FLA assets that is exported into SWF).


      What I've read online everyone say that you should move your files to another deploy / release folder and sure you can build a ANT script that compiles the application and move the correct swf files to the build folder and letting everyone work there. But the major problem here is how can the developers debug their applications then?


      The whole pipeline is just wierd and takes a lot of unessesary hours just because you are not allowed to commit the bin-debug folder.

      What I can see is 2 solutions.

      *.) Make some settings in Flash Builder / Flex so that the bin-debug folder gets commited into SVN

      *.) Use and script that builds, moves the developer swf files and debugs in the deploy / release folder (problem is that as an developer you want to debug  thru the Flash Builder IDE), a thread on this you can find here (http://forums.adobe.com/message/3385890#3385890)


      Thanks in advance

      // Fredrick

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          I'm quite sure this doesn't answer your question, but svn works like the idea that you have a running application (at the server), several people are working at different areas and debugging them offline, and only commit them if they work. If you would have one "bin-debug" folder at the server which everyone is using, people would override theirselves many times! So this would make impossible to work together...


          As you mentioned before, we created a folder called "bin" which saves files like graphics, xml and stuff.. These files can be changed of course, but still you have to commit. I guess there s no way to fix it, because there s not really a sense if you don t want people to overwrite theirselves all the time. Or didn t I get your point?