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    How do I edit php pages within contribute

    JWienecke Level 1

      I have a page that I have made PHP.  The purpose is to display different parts of the page based on the subscription level of the client.  So there are 4 subscription levels and 4 section of the page.  Now I want to edit one of the 4 sections which are html code.  It displays the page correctly, however once I select edit the page is recognized php and shows a little box icon and not html.


      I use contribute to edit the HTML portions of the page??


      John  -

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          Krishna Prasad B V Level 3



               You can use the option of editing the web page in an external application for making changes in php page.


               I had couple of questions - How are you displaying the different sections of the web page? Is it depending on the subscription level of a user - which you are controlling via php? And, is the HTML code in the web page generated by the php code?