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    track matte not working CS5


      Hi list...


      I have a track matte I can't seem to get working (in CS5).  Research turned up a supposed bug in CS4 for the track matte key, but I want to be sure the problem isn't me.


      track video 3: greyscale (RGB) jpg of a circle with a radial gradient going from black to white in center ("enable" unchecked)

      track video 2: png of man, silohuetted in photoshop with alpha channel


      track video 2 has track matte filter.

      matte: video 3

      composite: matte luma


      The result is not a circular feathered image, but rather the whole man image just gets partially transparent, without regard to the luma of the jpg.


      What am I missing, or is the filter buggy?



      - Michael M.