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    FW web layout finished - and then?

    TRMeyer Level 1

      Hi all,

      I used FW to create a website layout. It's finished now and I want to create a real website out of it.
      I wonder that one has to slice all relevant parts like buttons, logo, header image, footer image etc. manually and create also CSS styles manually.
      Why one has to do that all manually? In FW everything is available already, the position of the elements, the layout and also which areas are hyperlinked, buttons, menus etc. Why FW cannot export an HTML layout together with a CSS file?
      On the web (http://www.activata.co.uk/smart-css/) I found a tool which can do that, at least up to a certain degree.
      I really wonder why Adobe does not integrate that functionality into FW directly?

      It cannot be that I use FW to create a layout and then I have to do nearly all work again inside DW or whatever tool to make a working website out of it.
      I at least miss a direct export from FW to DW, but since FW only supports PNG up to now there is no real way to get this.

      What is your experience? How do you go ahead if you finish a web layout and want to create a real site out of it?
      Thanks for any discussion, tips, hints, etc.