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    Populating dropdown list with entries in multiple text boxes?


      I'm creating a form that needs to be simple to use and complete.  I would like to be able to populate a drop-down list with entries the user puts into text boxes.  Can this be done?


      For more detail:


      In one location is a table, the use will type into a text box a Project Name, then other information such as location and total acres.


      In another location I've got a table where the user will enter the offerings from each project they listed in the 1st table.  It is a long table as it is, I cannot combine the two (will not fit on one page if I do combine them). 


      Instead of making the user type in the project names multiple times, I'd like to be able to take the project names the users input (from table one) and have those entries automatically populate the dropdown list in the second table.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!