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    Using FileReference does not allow me to load a .bin file


      I am using Flex4 and have been playing with FileReference to select file on my PC to send it to a client.

      Has been working great so far, though i ran into a problem today. I have a C/C++ compiler that produces a .bin file. This .bin file is what gets loaded into the processor. Very simular to a .rom or .hex file.


      In my Flex code for my onLoadComplete function i have in there this :


      temp = mydata.readUTFBytes(mydata.bytesAvailable);
      outputField.text = temp;



      I have a text output window so when i the file is done loading it will spit out that file data to this window. When i load any other file like .txt, .rom,  .hex they all show in the text window. when i load a .bin it does nothing and generates no errors.


      Is there some reason why i am not able to show this file type ?