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    Flash player memory management



      Hoping this is the right section of the forum, already posted on flashplayer forum where they suggested to me to try in a developer section.

      I'm using  cryptography in my last as3 code, than at runtime I decrypt the data into objects stored into the memory to be used and added to stage. I would like to know if the memory in flash player is protected or can be accessed to read decrypted data.

      Second question is: if I load an external swf is it loaded into memory or on hd?

      Third and last question: there is a way to disable swf compression with mxmlc?




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          UbuntuPenguin Level 4

          I'm not an expert, but it seems like memory protection and management would be the resposibility of the kernel and possbily mainly through low-level "on the metal" languages like C.  If applications could wantonly access any memory location they wanted, there would be a world of errors caused by other applications misbehaving (barring the malicious buffer overflow).  I would also think that whether a swf is loaded onto the hd or in ram would be the responsibility of the OS with respect to swap space.  Besides, you can access swfs you have used simply by going to the cache of your browser (not sure if no cache headers work...).

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            bart99_ Level 1


            thank you for your answer.

            yes usually swfs are cached by the browser when you access a page that contains one.I would like to know if the as3 Loader class loads external swfs and images on hd or into ram.