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    Strange Error - 5005: Unknown error optimizing byte code.

      Hello flashcoders,

      I am facing strange problem since long time. This error code even doesn't exist in the list of error codes.

      This is the exact error I am getting while I compile the FLA from flash CS3.

      Location : , Line 1
      Description : 5005: Unknown error optimizing byte code.
      Source :

      I don't know exact reason about its generation, But here are the some possible reasons / hints:

      Case 1) Overloading:

      1.1) Size of .fla is 10.5 MB and its document class contains more than 60 classes to import and has more than 100 variables.

      1.2) Even if I put In document class - only variable initialization and class importing are there. Nothing in its constructor + no other functions are defined. Still error is there.

      1.3) If we import all classes and has all variables then it gives this compile error. But if we remove some particular numbers of variable, it's start working. In this we can remove any type of variables.

      1.4) After reducing variables, application starts working till that it won't.

      Case 2)

      2.1) Size of .fla is 1.75 MB and its document class is same as above one.

      2.2) All assumptions are same as above.

      2.3) Now this class contains all functions and have initialization of all variables + classes.

      2.4) In this If we remove 3-5 variables, it will start functioning else it won't.

      Its a huge application so I am even confused that what is the cause of error and this error stopped our working for a week now. Bit more information about the project that may help the team to identify the reason.

      1. Project development started with flash public alpha 3. When we started using Flash CS3, we had some design problem if we do open the FLA in CS3, so we completely redesigned the Movieclips etc., in Flash
      CS3 IDE.

      2. Project contains approx 250 classes.

      3. In main application, it imports 67 classes. (it works if I keep 63 classes in document class).

      4. In the case 3 above, if that works with 63 classes and If I do add 3 frames in existing movieclip, it stops working.

      5. In the case 3 above, if that works with 63 classes and If I do add / declare few more variables, it stops working.

      It would be humble appreciation if someone can come up with some light in the dark tunnel.

      Best Regards,

      Ashvin Savani - "arckid"
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