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    Help in button action to open a file that is attached to main pdf doc

    sicilianmissy65 Level 1


      I have created a button and used an icon saying "click here...." the action I want to attach to it is to have on mouse down for it to open the file which is attached to the document.

      Is this possible?  If so how do I direct the acton of "open file" to be the one attached in document?  can't figure out path...


      there was a suggestion of how to make a javascript for the button action to open the attachment panel...

      this is what was written... and then below that is my question on what was written...


      thomp wrote:
      Try thisif(app.viewerVersion < 8)
      what would go in the '(...)' above?

      I am very poor at javascript, but I am guessing that there is something I would need to fill in there? Am I correct?
      thank you...
      I, too, am trying to get my button action to open the attached document in my pdf form - NOT the navigation panel... I already have it doing that...
      thanks again for any feedback!