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    Adobe Reader X - Toolbar items slowly disappear


      We have a software developer's system that is acting very oddly with Adobe Reader X. It is a Windows XP SP3 machine with 3GB RAM. What is happening is that after a PDF is opened in Adobe Reader X, after a while all of the toolbar items slowly disappear. I've done everything from redeploying Reader to the machine, using the Microsoft Installer Cleanup tool after uninstalling it, checked to make sure that the system's memory usage was within reason, etc... The system is rebooted regularly (usually every morning or evening), undergoes a virus scan regularly, etc...

      We're at a loss as to what could be causing this. The last thing I want to do is rebuild the system, as it would be a headache for both me and the software developer.


      As you can see below, some of the items in the toolbar remain, such as the page number and zoom text box. The file menu remains intact, but the items in the toolbar slowly disappear after Reader X as been open for a while.


      Also, sometimes the items disappear by themselves, othertimes if you just mouse-over them they disappear.




      Any ideas or suggestions?


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          I've just started experiencing the exact same problem. I upgraded to Reader X a good month or so ago, and I've had it open with documents loaded for long stretches most days since installing it, but I didn't notice the problem until Sunday 9th Jan. Closing Reader and reopening it brings back the toolbar, but then it disappears again after a while.

          I too am running Windows XP SP 3, with 2 GB RAM and an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ CPU.