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    Photoshop CS3 Kuler?

      Is there an update scheduled so that Kuler is incorporated into PS CS3? How or why was this omitted from CS3?
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Because kuler is based on a subset of the color technology found in the Live Color feature in Illustrator CS3, the connection between Illustrator CS3 and kuler is a natural extension of that shared technology. Since kuler and the kuler panel are technology previews, it's helpful to hear from users (such as yourself) about kuler + other Adobe applications.
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            Kuler is an important enough application that it should be integrated into every Adobe application from here on out.
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              I think kuler would be very useful in Fireworks as well since it seems that that program is geared towards creating web site page layouts and such. I think it would be a real boon for web developers to be able to generate a color theme right in the program quickly and easily.