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    Premiere Elements 8 can't open any project




      I am running Premiere Elements 8 (fully-paid version) and trying to open a project which I created last night.  But I'm finding I can't open any project.  On the welcome screen, when I click on "Open Project", I get a pull-down menu (as expected):


      But no matter what option I select (even "Open..."), I get the same result:  The "Open Project" button turns into a wait-bar for a minute or two:


      ...and then "Open Project" simply reappears without anything else happening. 


      I also tried a different approach, going to the .prel file in Windows and double-clicking it.  But again, nothing happened.


      My PC is running Windows 7 Home Premium.  The hardware is a 64-bit, HP p6310y with an AMD Athlon II X4 630 processor, 2.8 GHz, with 6 GB of RAM.


      Any suggestions?


      - Bruce Romney

        Valley Forge, PA

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum.


          Where is the PREL (Project file) located on your system?


          Good luck,



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            bruce.romney Level 1

            The .prel file is located in a subfolder of the "My Videos" folder.


            - Bruce

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              bruce.romney Level 1

              OK, I tried rebooting and now Premiere is working again.  Go figure.  Thanks anyway for the help, Bill!



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Sometimes, I think that computers just need to rest, or something like that. Maybe they need for the phase of the Moon to change?


                The important part is that you can now Open your Projects, and that is what is important. We may never know the "why."


                Good luck,




                PS - too bad that you cannot give yourself the points, as you deserve them, just for reporting your success!

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                  Ole Pa Level 1

                  Hey Bruce -- I'm having the same problem, also on Windows  7.  This same problem happened to me 6 months ago.  I reported it to the online Adobe support, but got no help.  Eventually I worked around it on my own.  Now the problem is back and I can not open any project, even after rebooting.  The behavour that I see is that I can open a new or old project, but the Premier window shows-up as having zero size.  The bug has something to do with the Premier program thinking that the window size should be zero.  The program shows-up in the active task list, and the Alt-Tab key shows Premier window has only a window title bar (where as other active programs show-up as a thumbnail image of their window contents), and the system taskbar also shows the Premier program as active but only as a window title bar (see attached image below)



                  When I reported to the online Adobe support forum that I had worked around the problem, the answer was something like the answer you got.  Adobe does not seem to be interested in understanding and fixing the problem, they are just relieved when customers can figure-out work-around on their own.  This really bites me where it hurts.  I'm burning non-productive hours because of their bugs, and they don't care enough about the bugs to get engineering to fix them.  It's things like this that make me look for another software vendor.

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                    Yes, I share your frustration with Adobe.  My copy of Adobe Premiere Elements is only six months old, and yet Adobe was no help at all, except to refer me to this forum.  I duly registered my product, and tried calling their tech support line.  The person at the other end of the line (who I think was in India or Pakistan, judging by the accent and bad connection) took down all my information then told me he couldn't help me unless I paid $29.  This policy will definitely make me wary of paying for Adobe products in the future.


                    I happen to develop software for a living, and when someone tells me about a bug, I take it as my professional responsibility to hunt it down and fix it.  To do otherwise would reflect badly on me both professionally and personally.  But Adobe?  Not so much.


                    - Bruce

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                      Ole Pa Level 1

                      Hi Bruce -- Hello kindred soul.  I've been programming for 42 years

                      now, and it always confounds me when these software companies put more

                      emphasis on features and advertising than on creating a quality

                      product that we can use.  If other appliances worked as poorly as

                      software, the attorney general would be involved!  I do understand

                      that bugs are unavoidable, but ignoring then is inexcusable.


                      Thanks for you note.  I've found another work-around, so I'm back to

                      being productive.


                      Thanks, Jim



                      On Sat, Jan 8, 2011 at 8:40 AM, bruce.romney@verizon.net

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                        I have the exact same problem as you with PE8 and Win7 (x64), and a reboot also helped me. But the problem came back the next time I tried to open PE. Have you expreienced the same? It cant be that we have to reboot every time we want to use PE?


                        Best regards

                        Øystein Morvik


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                          bruce.romney Level 1

                          I don't use Premiere Elements very often, so I can't say it happens every time.  But yes, I have had this problem before.


                          If it's any help, I've noticed that when PE starts up correctly, there's a PE window filling the entire screen, behind the initial dialog window.  When it starts incorrectly, there's only the dialog window.  So noticing that might save you some time.


                          - Bruce

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                            Ole Pa Level 1

                            Hello Øystein Morvik,


                            I've run into this problem a couple times, and I've managed to get around it.  I now believe the problem is due to the Premiere's design of starting with its window maximized,  and then automatically resizing the window to what it thinks is the size  that I want after it loads the project.  When the bug is active, the size seems to be zero, or  minimized, or off the screen, or who knows what.  Just not anything that  I can see.  The Windwos task list shows that the program is running, and the little thumbnail that Windows 7 shows of running  programs on the taskbar makes be think the window has been resized so  that it is zero pixels wide and zero pixels high.


                            I've included links to the two discussions that I started on this bug.  There may be something in those threads that could help you get around this:






                            Hope this does not cost you hours of unproductive time

                            -- Old Pa