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    Can't Install Flash Player On Mac Without Admin Password


      I've already posted about this, but I didn't get a meaningful answer, and another user who posted with the exact same issue was also unanswered.


      My question is very simple: How do I install Flash Player on a Mac without an admin password? The downloadable installer demands one before it will do anything. When I click "show package contents" and extract the Flash installer package, open it up manually, and unzip the archive inside it, I get an unusable "Flash Player.plugin.lzma" file.


      I need a way to decompress the Flash Player.plugin.lzma file.




      I need a link to download the Flash Player plugin, as in the actual "Flash Player.plugin" file, and NOT an installer app, which the main download link offers.




      An installer program that can extract and install the Flash Player file into ~/Library/Internet Plugins and do so WITHOUT demanding an admin password.