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    Blue-screen fringing, or ????

    George D.D.

      I just got my chroma key blue screen material and I've been doing some tests with my wife, who happens to be a redhead.


      When compositing in Adobe CS5, no matter how I tweak the blue-screen controls, I still have this slight mottling, or fringing, around her hair.  To clean that up, should I do the adjusting in the Chroma Key settings instead of the Blue-Screen settings?  Or could it be that when I shot the forground image, and I lit the blue-screen the same as the subject, that I should have lit it a stop brighter or darker than the subject?


      Since she is a redhead, and has fine hairs sticking out, what is the best way to create a good matt where there is no edging around those hairs?


      BTW, I have to use blue instead of green, for specific reason of my own.


      Any help would be appreciated.