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    Trying to use Flexbook with Flash Player 10


      I'm trying to use the Flexbook from Ely Greenfield, www.quietlyscheming.com/blog/components/flexbook/, with Flex 3 and Flashplayer 10.

      I'm having problems with multiple lines in Flexbook.as but they all have to do with creating a new Vector, like the example below:

      var delta:Vector;

      delta =

      new Vector(new Point(x,_pointOfOriginalGrab.y),new Point(x+10,_pointOfOriginalGrab.y+1));




      If I use the compiler option 'Enable Strict Type Checking' I get the error:


      1137: Incorrect number of arguments.  Expected no more than 0. FlexBook.as PageFlip2/[source path] src/qs/controls line 1215 Flex Problem

      If I don't use the 'Enable Strict Type Checking' option when the application runs I get this error:


      Error #1007: Instantiation attempted on a non-constructor.

      Can anyone tell me what these errors are trying to tell me?