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    Please help me... Rendering won't save


      Hello All,


      I am a fairly new Premeire Elements 8 user (about a year and that's just to get it running) and I've conquered most of the problems involving this software mainly frequent crashes and awful customer service but a new problem has left me baffled.  I spend so much of my editing time rendering and saving only to close the project and open it the next day, minute or hour later to discover that all of my time has been wasted because the program is not saving my rendered project.  I thought maybe this is just how this awful program works but I think that maybe I just am not doing something correctly.  I have become and avid saver because of my past problems with constant crashes so I really don't know what to do.  I tried to call adobe for help but they informed me that I would be charged 30 bucks for help because premeire 9 just came out - that only cemented my resolve to never, ever, ever, ever buy anything from them (Adobe) again and to discourage everyone I know or see looking at their products to never buy it.  I don't know what to do?  Can someone please help me?  Oh and I am going to look into filiing a class action lawsuit against adobe about elements.  I have never in my life dealt with such an awful product with so many known problems and a company that pretty much shrugs and doesn't care about the quality of the products they release.  I have no choice but to finish the products I've been working on and then I intend to run Elements 8 over with my car but until then please help me figure this out...

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Can you give us a full description of your system, and especially the I/O sub-system, i.e. the HDD's, their size, speed, amount of defragmented free-space, their controller type, and how you have them allocated. Especially, tell us where the PrE Scratch Disks are located.


          Good luck, and sorry that you are having so many problems.



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            dcartier1 Level 1



            Thank you for responding to my cry for help.  I am a novice at this my cousin was supposed to edit these projects for me so I am at a loss for all of those I/O, scratch whatevers and everything else you inquired from me.  Is there just a quick fix?  I ended up buying a new computer to support this program and so I could view my AVCHD videos.  My new computer is running Windows 7 w/ and now I have 8GB of RAM and I learned to get my video up and running smooth I had to increase my processor speed so now I have a 3.2 GHz processor.  I also have about 900 GB left of space on my hard drive with an additional 1.7 TB on my external hard drive.  I have never created a scratch disk on PE 8 so I don't know about those.  I'm a true novice and only know put the video in the timeline edit, save and render.  I apologize for my ignorance - if you could give me more details I can find the information to give you.  I hope this gave you a little insight and thanks again for responding so soon.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Unfortunately, without being at your computer, or getting that info, there is not much chance, other than a wild guess.


              Imagine that you post to the Mercedes forum, that your S-550 will not start. The questions would then be, do you have gasoline? Is your battery charged? Do you have the "smart key" in the auto? If the answer is, "I do not know," then it could be any one of those. The "fix" would be different, depending on which it really was.


              When you go to Windows Explorer/My Computer, how many HDD's (Hard Disk Drives) do you have?


              For each one, you can Rt-click on each, and choose Properties. That will show almost all of the info, though not quite all.


              In PrE, go to Edit>Preferences, and look at Scratch Disks. Where are they set? That is the HDD that we probably should look at first. Is that an external, or networked HDD?


              That would be a starting point.


              When remotely troubleshooting, it's really a linear process. I start with the computer, as that is usually the main cause of a problem, and then work from there, eliminating possibilities, as we go. Sometimes, there IS an instant "fix," but usually not that often, unfortunately.


              You need to be our "eyes," as we cannot be there to look over your shoulder. Take it slow, and tell us what you can. When you get stuck, just let us know, and someone will try to step you through the next phase.


              Good luck, and don't let this overwhelm you. It will be a learning experience, and hopefully, we can get you up and editing, and soon.



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                dcartier1 Level 1

                Okay so I have gathered the information and thanks again for your help.  I have checked my HDD's and found that I have 3.  I mentioned in my earlier post that I have an external drive so that is one plus the two on the computer.  The one drive is protected so Adobe is not routing information there.  I did check in prefrences under the scratch disks (which I have seen before, I just didn't know that this was the proper term for them) they are all located in the same folder that I save the files in.  When I open the folder I can see them - they list all the changes I've made during the session, right?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Good start. Is that Project on the external HDD? Do you know what the connection of that HDD is, like FireWire 400, or USB?


                  If the Project IS on an external HDD, has its drive letter been set in the OS, so that it ALWAYS shows, as say F:\?


                  Do you ever get any message boxes, asking "where is file ____.avi?"


                  Like I said, good start, and good luck,



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                    Okay, I checked I have 3 HDD's.  One, I mentioned earlier and that is the external hard drive the other two are in the computer.  One is protected and will not allow access.  I checked in Elements and all my prefrences say the same thing- Same as project - with the exception of one, the media cache is set to Custom but has the same path as the rest.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      I am just guessing here, but would speculate that the "two internal HDD's" are actually one, physical HDD, with a partition (should be D:\), where you have a backup of your OS, and the installed programs/utilities from the mfgr.) That would explain why it is "protected," and should be rather small. That would give you only one physical, internal HDD, and the external HDD.


                      Good luck, and it appears that we were posting at the same time. See my post, above yours, for some more questions.