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    Premier Element 8 can't open any project on Windows 7

    Ole Pa Level 1

      Once again my Premier Element 8 can't open any project on Windows  7 (64-bit).  This  is same problem that happened to me 6 months ago.  I reported it to the online  Adobe support, but got no help.  Eventually I worked around it on my  own.  Now the problem is back and I can not open any project, even after  rebooting.  The behavour that I see is that I can open a new or old  project, but the Premier window shows-up as having zero size.  The bug  has something to do with the Premier program thinking that the window  size should be zero.  The program shows-up in the active task list, and  the Alt-Tab key shows Premier window has only a window title bar (where  as other active programs show-up as a thumbnail image of their window  contents), and the system taskbar also shows the Premier program as active but only as a window title bar (see attached image below)



      When  I reported to the online Adobe support forum 6 months ago that I had worked around  the problem, the answer was something like "good that you fix it", BUT Adobe  did not seem to be interested in understanding and fixing the problem.  They just seem relieved when customers can figure-out work-around on  their own.  I see that another peron just reported this same problem on the Adobe forums, and got the same treatment.  He also found a work-around, and the support person replied when "that's nice".  This really bites me where it hurts.  I'm burning  non-productive hours because of their bugs, and they don't care enough  about the bugs to get engineering to fix them.  It's things like this  that make me look for another software vendor.


      But today I really do need to work on my video project.  If there is a document work-around for the "Premier show a zero-sized window" bug, PLEASE let me know about it.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,

      -- Ole Pa

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          Ole Pa Level 1

          Hey -- I just found a bookmark to my earlier encounter with this same problem:




          I described the problem somewhat differently on that post, but it's absolutely the same bug.


          I've feeling very frustrated, because I have a video project that I need to get done, and Premier won't show the window.




          -- Ole Pa

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            What do you mean by "Premiere Elements shows zero size?"

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              Ole Pa Level 1

              Hi Steve,


              Thanks for looking at this on Saturday, and for your question.  What I mean by a "zero sized window" is that Premier's window has been created and the program is running, but when I give Premier focus nothing is shown on the screen.  I know the program is running because I can see it on the Windows taskbar, in the Alt-Tab list, and in the task manager's list of running programs.  When I use the Windows taskbar to alternately show and hide the window, it behaves normally, except when I show it nothing shows on the screen.  Also, when Premier starts up, I do see it loading the project, but when the project loads the window disappears. Premier has this annoying design of starting with its window maximized, and then automatically resizing the window to what it thinks is the size that I want.  When the bug is active, the size seems to be zero, or minimized, or off the screen, or who knows what.  Just not anything that I can see.  The little thumbnail that Windows 7 shows of running programs on the taskbar makes be think the window has been resized so that it is zero pixels wide and zero pixels high.


              In my earlier report of this bug, I described it as "minimizing to the taskbar" because that is what it appeared to doing at that time.  Here is a link to my earlier report:




              That thread has screen snapshots that show the visual atrifacts of the bug on Windows 7.  I experienced the same bug again this morning.  The workaround that I had done last year did not work this morning.  Here is what I did to recover this time:


              1. Uninstalled Premier Elements 8.  Deleted my personal setting, and also "smart sound".
              2. Rebooted my PC.
              3. Installed Premier Element 8 from the CD.
              4. Rebooted my PC
              5. Things were still not quite right.  In fact the bug appeared to still be there, but all of a sudden it started showing me the window after the project was loaded.  Sigh.  I will never launch that little startup program again (the one behind the desktop icon), and only open ".prel" files directly.  Not sure if that will help or not, but at least it takes one variable out of the startup procedure.


              I wish that I could tell you how to reproduce the bug, but in fact I do not know what I do to provoke it.  My PC is

              - Dell XPS9000 (Intel i7, 3.33GHz, 12GB ram, 4.5 TB disk)

              - Windows 7 Ultimate

              - Two 24 inch LCD displays

              - Runs several Adobe programs (like PS, LR, Acrobat).


              Don't get me wrong:  I love Adobe software.  You are the best in the graphic arts industry.  That's why I buy and run your stuff.  But when I have a deadline hanging over my head, and I have to spend 1/2 day getting the software to just come up, I get crazy and want to herd feed animals for a living!  Maybe I'll have to do that if the economy does not improve in 2011...


              Thanks, Ole Pa

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                Ted Smith Level 3

                Is it because when you saved the project you had moved it to the your monitor that is not your primary (0,0) monitor?


                Rather than being "zero size", for some reason maybe it is being stored fullm size on the far left or right of your screens out of sight


                Disconnect one monitor and reboot the computer and see it it reappears in a one monitor setup.