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    from b&wv to color films.

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      hello forumers.


      i was told by a graphic designer(dont know if its true or false)that old black and white movies that we see today and are in color are given to
      to a team of graphic designers that know how to use the pen tool exellently.and they are given the frames and they trace out the ppl,interior&exterior enviroment
      and do it like frame by frame,is this true?would it like take ages to be done?isnt there a way after fx can deal with this problem?


      thank you.



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          isnt there a way after fx can deal with this problem?


          How would it? Different colors can have the same luminance values, so how is any algorithm supposed to know whether soemthing is green, red or blue? The rest is really nothing newu - colorization has been done ever since photography was invented, but of course you could simplify the process today by making use of things like contrast adjustments or gap detection algorithms to simplify filling specific areas, but yes, it will still take a while.



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            the process of colorization has been around for decades and has undergone numerous technological advances over those years.

            Try Wiki or Google.