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    No Preview of DV Material Just Green

    rjc :-)

      Hi, downloaded trial and installed PP CS5 on a Dual Xeon, 8GB RAM, NVidia 1GB 250GT, Win 7 and all I get is green preview windows trying to use PAL DV interlaced sources in .avi.


      I have FFDShow codecs (Direct Show & VFW), Cedocidia DV codec (VFW), Canopus DV codecs, I can play the files without problem in Virtualdub, Media Player etc etc. But this fantastic piece of software CS5 can handle it. Pathetic.


      Laughably I can import h264 of a Canon DSLR into the trial and have no problem.


      Anyone care to suggest a solution other than search for another hour to try and solve it myself, after spending an hour or two going through CS5 settings and accompanying documentation.


      Geeze I'd of been better off transcoding, but I hear that's not required in CS5 :-)


      Do I sound frustrated? I am. :-)

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Welcome to the forum.


          Try updating your video card driver directly from the nVidia web site, even if your computer is brand-new.  Wonky colors in the Program Monitor are almost always the result of inappropriate drivers.


          It's likely that you will have better success with Pr if you get rid of ffdshow completely.  And I mean completely - up to and including a complete system reformat and re-installation.  History has shown that Adobe video apps and ffdshow do not play nice together.  History has also shown that ffdshow can be notoriously hard to remove from your system.



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            rjc :-) Level 1

            Jeff, thanks for your welcome and your suggestions.


            But there is no way on earth I'm going to reformat my machine or uninstall FFDShow just because there's a strong chance Premiere doesn't like. I know what your the answer will be, then bad luck and choose another tool.


            I use FFDShow for a number of other applications and according to it's configuration it's set not to be used for Premiere anyway. I have at least 3 other DV codecs installed, is there no where in CS5 that I can I specify which one to use?


            Every other video app and player I have works just fine with the codecs I have installed, even Lightworks beta of which there is extreme frustration regarding codec support and these DV files load and playback perfectly in that.


            I need a better answer from the Adobe community, or a different choice of NLE.


            Thanks for your time.

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              Probably time to start looking at another NLE, in that case. Even specifying in the ffdshow settings to not work with Premiere (or other Adobe apps) usually has deleterious effects on Premiere. That's why I call ffdshow a virus in sheep's clothing--it seems innocuous but has a way of creeping into every nook and cranny of your system.


              As Jeff says, ffdshow and Premiere are just bad news. In addition, you've got a number of other DV codecs installed that are not 64-bit, and are likely competing with the built-in DV decoder. If you don't want to disable or uninstall those, that's your choice--but don't expect Premiere to work with them around. There is no better answer.


              Good luck in your NLE search.

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                rjc :-) Level 1

                Colin, thanks for your comments.


                I've tested a couple of other formats, mjpeg HD and HDV. Mjpeg works fine along with h264 HD previously tested. HDV on the other hand doesn't work only audio imported like the DV. Similarities I see are that I have 2 progressive formats that work and two interlaced formats that don't. The HDV is from a Canon HV30, it is progressive but flagged as interlaced.


                So to test I deinterlaced a DV source and encoded back as DV using Cedocida codec in Virtualdub. And unsurpisingly now as the DV is progressive it works in CS5.


                I think this is a deinterlacing issue with CS5.


                Going to try the same with the HDV source, but not deinterlace of coarse.


                This is no solution, I don't want to deinterlace the DV.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  You shouldn't have to, and the overwhelming majority of users don't.


                  It can't be overlooked that the source of your frustration here may well be ffsdow.


                  Also, have you updated your video driver yet?

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                    rjc :-) Level 1

                    Jim, thanks for your answer.


                    Yes, I won't rule out that FFDShow might be involved but why, I fail to understand at the moment and as it's PPro I want to try out not find workarounds to 'incompatibilites', I won't get distracted by the problem for much longer and just use some h264 or mjpeg sources instead, but FFDShow will remain. :-)


                    My NVidia driver is up to date, thanks.

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      I won't get distracted by the problem for much longer


                      I get that.  I've tried more than one program that I just couldn't get to work (for whatever reason) and simply moved on to another.