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    Why does Soundbooth change Premiere Pro sample rate?

    tunghoy Level 1

      I asked this question in the Soundbooth section and nobody had an answer, so please pardon the cross-post. (The Google machine didn't help, either.)  When I take a sound track in PPro CS5 and run the  Edit in Soundbooth command, how do I prevent Soundbooth CS5 from changing my 44.1k audio to 48k? It does it 100% of the time. I changed the SB preferences to default to 44.1, but it made no difference.


      As a result, the Edit and Replace feature is half useless. I can extract the audio, but can't simply save and switch back to PPro, like the marketing literature would have me believe. I have to save as a separate file, choose the 44.1 rate, then manually remove the original audio and insert the file I just saved. Not the end of the world, but not seamless integration, either.