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    How do I set Flash Builder word boundaries for Alt+Left/Right keyboard navigation?


      The word boundaries in my setup are defined as a complete reference to the last property/method being referenced on an object rather than using the '.' character as the point to place the cursor.  This is driving me nuts when I want to press Alt+Left/Right to navigate the properties/methods of an object on the same line. Like so;


      _currentCommand.addEventListener( CommandExecutionEvent.COMMAND_COMPLETE, onCommandCompleted );


      Pressing Alt+Right at the start of the line will jump me to the opening bracket rather than 'addEventListener', and pressing again will take me to the comma rather than the static property reference.  This is such a strange behaviour for a code editor that I have to believe there is a way to add the '.' character as denoting a word boundary for keyboard navigation. 


      The behaviour is the same for Alt+Left which is even worse because if I want to return to the start of the line it will include all the tab spaces to the left of the first character thus taking me to the very start of the line rather than where the code begins.


      I'm certain this was not the case with earlier versions of Flex Builder so if anyone has a solution I'd be very happy to hear it.


      Thanks in advance.