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    Windows keeps thinking Premiere is not responding?

    hugemittons Level 1

      Hey guys, so I am curious to know if anyone else has encountered this and how it might be solved.


      Basically the problem presents itself as Windows immediately greys out  Premiere and has the 'This program has stopped responding, please wait  while Windows checks for a solution' and the only option is to let it do  so then it quits it, or just cancel and it quits it anyway. On rare  occasions it doesn't come up with the 'program is doomed' screen, it  comes up with the one which lets me wait for it to respond, which I  would and it comes right after 10 seconds or so. I used to have CS4 and  this was not a problem


      In this current project it has become so frequent I struggle to get any work done, it's only happened once or twice in other, more complex projects. I can't pinpoint exactly what's causing it but I can only theorize it is whenever RAM is needed quickly, such as scrolling through a bin of clips, loading several clips in the source monitor (most common), or scrolling the timeline at a few random points. The fact that Windows is so quick to disable the program makes me think it's a misidentification rather than Premiere actually crashing.


      Software Specs:

      Adobe Production Premium CS5 - Premiere 5.0.3

      Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

      (only other program ever running at the time is Firefox, but still happens without it going)


      System Specs:

      Intel Quad Core i5 2.67 GHz

      8GB RAM

      GeForce GTX 470 (as recommended) 1GB

      620W PSU with 40A on the 12V


      Disk Drive Specs:

      C:\ Local Disk - Program Files, User files - 1x 500 GB Seagate drive with 3GB/s and 40GB free

      E:\ Drive - media cache, scratch and content - 2x 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black in a SATA RAID 0 (mirror), 288 GB free, and pretty sure it's 7200rpm and 6GB/s


      Page Filing:

      13GB on C:\ drive, managed by Windows


      Asset Specs:

      Video - All .AVI files, mostly 1920x1080 at 25fps with a few 1280x720 at 50fps, Cineform codec (AVC-Intra??) I believe (all are converted from a 7D in NeoScene)

      Audio - audio linked to video tracks are muted, it is all set to a single 128kbps MP3 file



      Using the HDV 1280x720 25fps template with all 1080 files scaled to fit, the project consists of a single 3:30 sequence and close to 200 individual files in the project with maybe 50 clips on the timeline. There are 2 audio tracks and 1 video track, no transitions or effects applied yet, I am still merely trying to cut things into place


      Any assistance greatly, greatly appreciated, thanks!