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    Text in FXG files has the wrong X and Y coordinates (and width).


      Does anyone use FXG? I don't think so because someone should have noticed by now that you cannot export text.


      Try this:


      1. Make a new Fireworks document.
      2. Add a piece of text. Put it at a location you'll remember: like x:25, y:25.
      3. Export the file to FXG.
      4. Open up the FXG file in Notepad or another text editor.
      5. Look at the X and Y coordinates of your text. They're not 25, 25!


      This problem exists in all text in all FXG files. I reported this to Adobe over 8 months ago and even though they admitted the problem, they've never provided a fix.


      Can the Fireworks community here help me raise this issue to someone who can fix it? It seems like Adobe isn't really serious about using FXG as an interchange format between their products.




      -- D