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    Firefox plugin container high cpu usage and crashing


      All three of my family's computers have been experiencing problems with the firefox plugin container.  The container spikes the CPU for long, long, periods of time slowing overall performance noticably.


      The only way to address the problem is to kill the Firefox plugin container.


      When I kill the plugin container it kills Adobe Flash.  This also occurs with Google Chrome and IE (problem and fix).


      This leads me to beleive Flash is the problem.


      I've tried clearing the flash cache from the Adobe troubleshooting site, deleting all cache applications, and changing settings.


      Nothing seems to work.


      IS ADOBE FLASH BROKEN?  If not how can I troubleshoot this problem? My family plays Farmville which is always hanging and can only be fixed by restarting the computer. Okay, maybe farmville is a bad app.


      However, I had the same problem when I went to Adobe.Com to try ans find a solution to this problem.  The flash application spikde the CPU and the fix was to kill flash.


      I'm not without skills - I could use some direction on how to troubleshoot flash?