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    Help! My Project Hangs While Initializing. What Should I do?

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      I've got a weird problem. I was working on my Flex 3 project on my local machine (iMac, MAMP, Leopard) and everything was working fine. I changed a couple of words in a string and when I ran my project the old words were still there. So, I emptied the browser's (Firefox) cache and ran it again. But, now it just stops one quarter of the way into initializing and hangs. I don't know what I did -- or what happened. One second everything is fine and the next it's not loading.


      There are no problems in the problem viewer.


      I tried emptying the browser cache again. I shut down my machine and restarted it. I went to preferences and switched the default browser to Safari. But, nothing is working.



      Help! What should I try next. Please send me suggestions. Any advice would be most appreciated.